Changing FAST

Mostly this post is a picture update bt I can also say that Keira's personality is changing fast and her hair looks great when blown dry on a cold morning. She also likes it when daddy PRETENDS to feed her real food and when she gets to hang out with her sleepy friend Rees Hansen. She is doing great!

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Joey, Katie, Judah and Annie said...

look at those cheeks! She just gets cuter and cuter!

the pfaff's said...

So cute! I love all the pics of the two girls, they're going to be great friends :) And that first picture definitely reminds me of one of Kyle's haircuts (maybe high school)? :)

Orb, Allison, Aurelia Acton said...

Aurelia points and says "ohhhhh, baby" and "BABY!!!" really loudly.