Katelyn's First Birthday!!!!

Wow, it is true the years go by quick... especially when you have kids. (Though somehow the hours between naps and bed time can go by oh-so-slowly!! :) ) Katelyn turned ONE on Wed and we celebrated her on Saturday. It was a lot of fun!!!! Not only did we get our best friends & family all together but we also had the hottest weekend this Spring, in the 80's, so it was a perfect day for bbq and playing with new toys outside. Katelyn also just started walking a few days ago so it has been really fun to see her grow and change so quickly. She is a true sweet heart, a momma's girl and has a huge smile. She likes adventure, rough housing, dancing, oh and I guess I have to include EATING, since that is one of her fav's! She out eats her big sis at every meal. SInce pictures tell a thousand words... here are lots of pics:

Katelyn on her real birthday enjoying a cake pop
of course, we couldn't leave Keira out of the cake pop celebration, yummy!
pom poms

Butterfly cupcakes for the party

The Birthday Girl

Proud, silly parents

normal parents


Here some more pics of Keira and Katelyn wearing the same outfit. Keira was just over 8 months in her pictures and Katelyn had just turned 9 months in her pics.


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Keira's Big Swing

Kyle built Keira a swing this weekend and it is pretty awesome! Let's just hope Keira doesn't let go....

Just for fun

I took a picture of Keira in her rocking chair at 5 months old and decided to take one of Katelyn in the same outfit, also at 5 months.. you can see the differences in them really well I think. Katelyn's didn't come out so well, so I took another one a few days later, but in a different outfit that time.



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Keira's 2nd Birthday

Keira turned 2 Oct 9th! Here are a few pictures from her 2nd birthday weekend. Friday night we had a little party at our house, we were debating whether or not to do this since she has been a little, shall I say, anti-social these days in large groups. But, we thought she would enjoy a small party and she did. Saturday we went to the Zoo (her first time), her and Katelyn both really enjoyed that. Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch. It was a fun weekend to celebrate our lovely Keira!

Our New House

Here are some pictures (before and after) of our new home. We were lucky to get this house ,and we love it!! It's crazy how things can happen and change soo fast. Originally we thought we would wait until after Katelyn was born to start looking seriously for a home. But, of course, during one of our "non-serious" home visits, we fell in love and had to have it. I was probably 7 or 8 months pregnant at this point. Thankfully Lynn (Kyle's mom) was our Realtor and she worked SOOOOOO hard to make this house happen for us. Instead of waiting until Katelyn was born to look for a house, we literally started Escrow the day she was born. Seriously, the day... no the hour after I had Katelyn, we were on the phone with the Broker getting all kinds of stuff taken care of. It was pretty funny!! Good thing Katelyn came quick, cause we were busy!! hahaha!

The back yard, in the snow (Before we owned it).... hard to imagine this kind of weather after a long Summer!!

Here we are on our first night owning the house! Cheers!

Keira getting acquainted with the house.

Katelyn getting acquainted to her new spot for the next few weeks while we worked on the house.

And of course, a jump in the freezing pool to celebrate!


The Kitchen, before tearing down wall paper and painting.

More red Kitchen

In the living room looking toward Kitchen

Looking at living room from the stairs.. nice and white!

Hall bathroom, you'll see some wall paper trends!
This is also the Hall bath, we found some nice artwork after pulling off the wallpaper.

Keira's room

Katelyn's room

Guest room, purple wall and purple carpet

Front view, this hasn't changed

View of the back.. also hasn't really changed. We want to paint the trim white at some point.

family helping

Celebrating my birthday with family, scrubbing walls and cupcakes!

Jon and Katelyn resting on their blankies :) Jon didn't realize it, but that is actually his baby blanket, (lovely Cow Jumped Over The Moon theme) that my mom brought up with their drop cloths I guess!! hahaha You can see the old carpet here.... stained, bleached, and torn, it was a mess!

Freshly painted walls and new carpet, ahhhhh

working on the girls' rooms

Living room... if only it always looked so clean :)

new washer and dryer!! I love them!

Katelyn's room

newly painted dining room

New dining table to seat all those that come to visit :)

Newly painted kitchen

Our bedroom, our sanctuary, if only we had time to enjoy it!!

Little balcony in our room over the front of the house

We also have a guest room and bath (not pictured since it is a super mess :), so please come visit!!! We seriously would love to have friends and family stay with us anytime!