Our Baby Story

Keira May Lind, October 9th, 2009. 7lb, 4oz. 21 inches long.

Many of you may have already heard "the story", but I thought it would be fun to share anyhow. Thursday evening, Oct 8th, was typical. Kyle and I went to bible study, joked with everyone about how we would have the baby that night, etc, etc. We had been hoping for the big event to begin every night for the last week or so. Everyday I felt closer and closer to popping.. belly getting more and more uncomfortable, but, it seemed like the day would never come. At 1:45 am on Thursday (Oct 9th), I woke up for my usual bathroom run and got back in bed. My lower back felt a little crampy... not unusual. I lay down there and the cramps got worse. I got up again, around 2am. The sequence of events gets a little blurry, but I kept walking around, then laying down and back and forth, but the cramps/contractions seemed to worsen with each one. Now it was in my abdomen as well. Probably at about 2am I called out to Kyle,"I think my water may have broken". Though, I wasn't positive. Finally, I tell Kyle, that I think things are happening. He stayed in bed for a while, thinking it was just false labor. I got out my books on labor and started reading and reading to see if i could figure out what was going on. Kyle said I should time the contractions. I did, but they were only 1 minute and 50 seconds apart... Kyle and I both felt like that just couldn't be right. But, I couldn't deny it anymore as they became more and more intense and painful. I stumbled around the house throwing last minute stuff by the front door (to take to the hospital). I remember saying a few times that we should go.. but Kyle got on the computer instead to read about labor. He said I should call in and ask the doctor what she thought. I called in and had them page my doctor. At the same time I said, more urgently.. ok lets go and I headed out to the car (but Kyle wanted to change into jeans first).. silly boy. In the car is when I think Kyle realized this might be the real thing. Though, he was only driving 65 MPH, and we had a 30 minute drive to make to Saint Rose Hospital. A couple minutes into the ride the doctor called, I told her about my contractions.. she said groggly.. "you are on your way to the hospital right???" Thank goodness we were. I kept having to remind kyle to drive faster... I didn't know if I would survive! We can't remember exactly what time we got to the hospital. I don't think it could have been any early than 3 or 3:30am. We had to go through ER. They actually made me sit and sign papers as I kept practically falling over in pain. I think they all underestimated me, since it was my first baby. Finally, a transporter gets me in the wheelchair, but first bangs the arm of the chair into the door jam before getting me out towards the elevator. I really thought I would never make it to the 2nd floor. Finally, we get there. Again they ask me to sign things, get out my insurance card,etc. HELLLLLLOOOOOOO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! I AM IN LABOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, I didn't say that, but I think my demeanor showed it. I was practically falling over, and killing Kyle's wrist with each death grip.

The nurse finally got me on the bed and when she realized I was at 9cm people started to take me seriously. She ran out to the hallway and called for help. The doctor was on her way. I heard them talking about pain meds and I thought.. PLEASE GIVE THEM!!!!!!!! They frantically hooked up an IV, fetal monitor and blood pressure cuff.. and had me sign even more as my body contorted in pain with each contraction. Finally the nurse said I can push. Apparently, I was on the bed about 30 minutes before I was allowed to push. Looking back, it all went by quick, but in the moment it seemed like an eternity. They asked if I wanted an epidural. I think I said yes, but can't really remember. All I knew is that if this was going to last for another 24 hours like all my first time moms had prepped me for, I WOULD NOT LAST! I really did want the pain relief at that point. Well, there didn't end up being time for any of that. The doctor got there and I pushed for 30 minutes before our little miracle arrived at 4:44am (about 2hours and 45 min after the onset of "cramping"). The whole time I was pushing, I didn't believe anyone when they said I was doing a great job, etc, etc. I just knew it would take 3 more hours to get her out. Again, that is what my first time mom friends tended to experience. So, when she was born so quick it was a little shocking. I couldn't believe it!! So, that's our story.. quick and painful.

Keira has been so amazing! We are completely in love with her (as is everyone who meets her of course :). She is just such a cutie. She, so far (as of day 5), sleeps good, eats good, poos good and all that :). She rarely crys, and she offers lots of cute little smiles. We have been spoiled with all the help from family, so Kyle and I are doing really good as well.


aprilmae said...

Jen, this is CRAZY! I can't believe you were at 9 when you got to the hospital! I can't believe Kyle got on the computer! He almost had to deliver Keira himself! I hope you are doing good and able to rest and just loving life!