We FINISHED the crib!!!!

We are so glad to have finished re-staining the crib and it looks pretty good to boot. With sanding each slat and curve followed by stain and sealer, too much could have gone wrong. We pushed through and got a good crib with the color "we" (Jen) wanted!! Thanks to grandma and grandpa Vanlandingham for the BEAUTIFUL bedding! Now we just need a baby I guess.....but it is fun to just stand in the nursery and know what is to come. Sorry, no more guest room : (
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Allison said...

IT looks great! You are all set! Hope we can see you when we are in CA + I have a whole bag of baby clothes I've set aside if you want :)

Jamie said...

Kyle and Jen:
Congratulations on the start of a new life (baby)!! You will be great parents. We wish you God's blessing.
Jamie and Karola Brown

the pfaff's said...

Hi Guys!
Found you through the Acton's blog...Jen you look great pregnant and the room looks amazing! Great work guys :)

Dave, Kristal & Wes said...

Jen I love it! The crib is so cute and I love the shelves they will def come in handy. Good work on the refinishing Kyle I know how much work it is!