Babymoon in Tahoe

Jen and I are fortunate to have this week off work with a great place to stay at Lake Tahoe (thanks Deedee). It is always a beautiful and relaxing time up here with cold turquoise water, snowy peaks, bike trails, rain showers and 80 degree weather all mixed into one. Jen is looking UBER cute these days with her new bikini-baby bump look. All is well with us and we wish you all a happy 4th!! God bless.


Dave, Kristal & Wes said...

That baby bikini body is too adorable. You look hot girl! I want to see you in person so I can feel your little one kick!.

Taking a study break and so glad I saw your pics. Did you do Tahoe instead of Colorado? Where are you on those big rocks on the beach? We are going to Tahoe in a few weeks and I want to hit up the beach.