Katelyn's First Birthday!!!!

Wow, it is true the years go by quick... especially when you have kids. (Though somehow the hours between naps and bed time can go by oh-so-slowly!! :) ) Katelyn turned ONE on Wed and we celebrated her on Saturday. It was a lot of fun!!!! Not only did we get our best friends & family all together but we also had the hottest weekend this Spring, in the 80's, so it was a perfect day for bbq and playing with new toys outside. Katelyn also just started walking a few days ago so it has been really fun to see her grow and change so quickly. She is a true sweet heart, a momma's girl and has a huge smile. She likes adventure, rough housing, dancing, oh and I guess I have to include EATING, since that is one of her fav's! She out eats her big sis at every meal. SInce pictures tell a thousand words... here are lots of pics:

Katelyn on her real birthday enjoying a cake pop
of course, we couldn't leave Keira out of the cake pop celebration, yummy!
pom poms

Butterfly cupcakes for the party

The Birthday Girl

Proud, silly parents

normal parents