The move

I thought I should catch up on some blogging, though most people know what's been going on in our lives!! Here is my (Jen's) dad helping load up the huge moving van so we could make our big life change!! On January 21st we moved from Mountain View, CA to Grass Valley, CA. We had a rental awaiting us, that thankfully, Lynn (Kyle's mom) found for us since we did not have a chance to go up there before the move. The reason for the move??? We never felt the Bay Area would be our final spot. It is just too crowded and homes are way too expensive. We felt we would be happier raising our family in an area that was a little more family oriented, affordable, and had lots of free outdoor activities that we like. The 2 places that fit these profiles were San Luis Obispo area and Grass Valley area (where Kyle went to Middle & High School). Jobs are slim these days so we didn't know how things would work out. We had given up on SLO since there weren't any jobs and began to focus our efforts on Grass Valley since Kyle's parents & sister recently moved back there. We like how there are some many lakes, rives spots and trails to explore. Also, snow in the Winter, though this Winter has had even more than usual. So, basically, lots of fun outdoor things for our growing family to do. Also, much much more affordable!!!! Grass Valley here we come!