Christmas cards

So, I have already received a few Christmas cards in the mail!! You people are on top of it... while I am still trying to find that perfect card. I have loved the personalized cards that some have sent from Shutterfly!! They have a gazillion cards to choose from that are so cute and stylish! I think I will have to go with them! Here are some examples:

They even have personalized gifts like ornaments, photo books, you name it.
Isn't this a cute idea! (Imagine Keira's little face :)

We were able to take a bunch of family photos, and some just of Keira, so we need to sort through them to pick one or two. But, it is just such a fun time of year and so great to hear from everyone at Christmas. If you have not done a card yet, you should check out They even have a deal right now for bloggers to post a promotion about them and get 50 free cards! Such a deal.

As soon as I design my perfect card with that perfect picture, Shutterfly will work their magic and we will get those cards out in time for Christmas!!! Thanks Shutterfly!