Keira turns 1

Saturday, October 9, 2010, our little babe turned 1. She's not so little anymore! In fact, she's been walking for 3 months, loves to climb and play hide 'n seek. She brings me her shoes when she wants to go outside (or she just wines at the front door ;). She can point out a dog or a bird in her books. She can throw and kick balls, brush her teeth (she has 3 whole teeth, so that's hard work;)!! She prefers to feed herself and eat "grown-up" food. She can even feed herself with a spoon... but... mommy doesn't like that very much because it is super messy!! She is even in the 93rd percentile for height! She continues to amaze us everyday day with how smart & fun she is (oh, and did I forget to mention "Strong Willed!"). She is even going to be a big sister by the end of April!!! Yep.. it's true. So, as you can see, our little baby is growing and so is our family! We feel so blessed & privilaged to raise her and are excited for the next little bundle.

Here are some pictures from the fun day: