Keira at 9 weeks

More cute pictures.
Daddy's girl...


Fun mornin'

So good at "Tummy Time" now...

Keira is changing so much every day! Wow. She is super smiley and now has some very favorite new friends. The top one this week has to be the blue jungle frog on the jumperoo. She will stare at him with googly eyes for a half hour straight!!!!!!!!! Seriously, she is in love!!

She loves the jumperoo in general. She bounces herself and it makes fun music. It is a guaranteed good time. Thanks Aunt Rosette, Uncle Dave and cousin Erik!

She has started sleeping more at night. 7 hours and 45 min is her record so far. Mommy and daddy are crossing their fingers and hoping for more of that.

She also talks a bunch. She gets especially vocal when dada comes home and has fun cooing with her.
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