"So how do we start blogging Kyyllle?"

Well little Jenny; Once upon a time in a far far land, Sir Blogsalot........

Naaah, we just need to get going. For now we are tired of trying to make our page look cute and will just start here. Hopefully in the near future we will have cute pictures and good things to say about our life. Of course "baby girl" will be a large portion of what is blogged. Thanks for caring about us enough to read our blog! God bless.

The Linds


Marilyn said...

OK...I'll be first. But, you see I don't know how to blog! Let me just say that it a beautiful site to see. You are both so special...in general and especially to me. I'm looking forward to following along with more pictures, etc. Love, DD

Lynn said...

Love it!!! You are both so creative. I am looking forward to following along with the life and love of the Linds.

Love Mama Lind